Girl Scout Cookies and Heaven

This Blog asks a special question, is there a way to find heaven through Girl Scout Cookies?


Miquiel Banks

4/6/20243 min read


Before you play defense, I know how this sounds.

Really Miquiel, Girl Scout Cookies and Heaven, boy, you're stretching it a bit!

I know it is, but please.

Relax and hear me out.

My Story begins on a warm and sunny Florida Saturday.

The location.

Daddy's Grill in Oldsmar FL.

I have a fresh printed version of my new screenplay and I always edit my projects organically without a computer.

I go in, order breakfast, and vigorously start ripping away at my script.

  • This dialogue is ok, that action is horrible.

  • What was the lead character's quirky behavior?

  • Who fell in love off-screen?

And like all creative people, we FOCUS on a project until the barriers of reality rip apart and we RETURN home.

This is the secret no creative people ever tell others, but I'll share with you cause I like you.

There is a place, naw that's not truly correct.

A door, no.

A location, no.

Hmmm, let's step back, what's the easiest way to describe this?

Let's call it a dimension.

Inside of all truly creative people, there is a SPARK that burns with smokeless fire.

You have two ways to be creative:

  • you can FORCE it from within

  • you can EMANATE the spark until it envelopes you with a tractor beam and takes you off to the dimension

The first way is what you see around the world most of the time.

The second way is what you call Genius.

This is where it gets interesting.

According to the Gnostics, the source of all EMANATES and everything has come from that first one.

And when we emanate our smokeless fire, we take our own true nature as creators.

Inside this dimension, there are no people.

A person (or physical entity) cannot enter this place.

Only sparks can enter.

In our world, we call them sparks.

In this dimension, the spark would be translated as "spirit with willpower."

There are many activities going on:

  • sparks recharging

  • sparks navigating

  • sparks emanating and going to higher dimensions

  • sparks picking up debris

Today, I entered the dimension and recharged.

Many Christians would call this dimension heaven.

With a full charge, my return to Daddy's Grill was a wonderful FALL from heaven.

After finishing breakfast, it was not draining, but I was NOT happy to be away from the dimension.

On the side of the road, I notice some kids, their legs belching from attention.

A wobbled sign reads Girl Scout Cookies in neon colors, contrasted against various prices.

I was unable to get over in time and I passed them as her legs quivered for more attention.

I realized it was my mission today to donate.

I drove down and turned around and then I parked.

The kids, their legs less wobbled, smiling with glee.

I got out and as I approached, they jump up with glee!

She responded, "Mister, would you like some girl scout cookies?"

I eyed her sign, "Sorry, I don't eat Girl Scout Cookies, I just want to donate."

I pulled out the money and walked away.

As I got in my vehicle, she counted the money several times and then her eyes ENLARGED.

She waved and her smile drenched her frame in happiness.

As I drove away, her smile reminded me of the way things EMANATED in the dimension.

I realized that when we emanate is when we "reflect" the source and since mimicry is so powerful, we must adhere to our roles.

We are here to create and to shine, that's it.

Today, I am challenging you to go out and make someone's smile drench their frame in Happiness.

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