Living the Life of an Electron

This blog symbolizes the life of Storytellers and Content Creators as Electrons in a Microscopic Universe.


Miquiel Banks

4/15/20242 min read


We’re going past the masks of society, especially the normal ones.

Past the class, past the castes, past the colors, past the religions, past the culture, past ethnicities, and past the introvert/extrovert argument.

Now, down at the primal arena of life, we can actually “SEE” reality.

And at this level, we can see ourselves as we are, not as we wish, nor as our families wish, and definitely not what society encourages.

And though we come down the rabbit hole on different sides, it’s the same down here.

I come as a Story Alchemst, some come as Mythologists, some come as Storytellers, some come as Engineers, some come as Shamans, others come as Avatars.

But down here, we’re all the same.


We weave and push our way throughout the universal space, watching the birth of galaxies, the potpourri colors of star clusters, or the advancement of advanced souls cruising in astral projection.

And what we see amazes us, it’s simply amazing how the beauty of the microscopic is the pinnacle of the macroscopic.

And we do what our souls tell us to do — go share!

And when we go back to share, we return and the protons and neutrons are clustered together, this is obviously some social event.

When we arrive, we change the molecular structure of the nucleus and we are shunned.

And we hear the same things we hear on TV.

How dare you change our world?

How dare you make us carbon instead of hydrogen?

And after being scorned, we leave like bumblebees, in search of another resting place to find divine nectar, which is simply being accepted.

And that’s how things go for Electrons in the Microcosm.

We change the structures of social places, making them stronger, better, and more efficient.

And we are met with challenges and difficulties, and many times, we are never appreciated.

And in the words of Tehuti, we must respect the law.

As below, so above.

So if you’re experiencing turmoil, pain, disrespect, and disdain, do not give in to the pressure.

Just remember that, as an Electron and as a bee, it is your DUTY to spread the love and ensure symbiosis continues, with or without approval from the protons and neutrons.

Good Luck living your Electrical Life!

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